I have tried to give all the information you might need, but there may be something that I have missed.

When I am asked questions I will add them to this page, so do email me if you have questions you would like answered.

How long are the sessions?

For individuals, they are 50 minutes, however it may be that the first time we meet, we may run over as there is so much information we will be exchanging.  The fee does not change if we need to take a bit of extra time.

With couples, I work 1 hour, and likewise the first session may be longer.

How long do people come to counselling?

Some people find that as few as 6 weekly sessions help them to move forward. Others see me for a longer, and often open-ended period of time. We will review this after about 6 sessions, and if we decide on an open-ended agreement to work together,we will review as the time goes on.