Cancer Counselling

Whether you are a cancer patient, or someone close to a cancer patient, when you hear a  diagnosis of cancer,  you will most likely have a flood of differing emotions to cope with: denial, fear, loss, shock, vulnerability. These are just a few of the emotions that may be present.

Many people in this situation find that talking to a counsellor experienced in working with the issues that come with a cancer diagnosis may help them to get through the difficulties to come.

Others feel that they do not have the time to include counselling in their support while they are going through treatment. However,  they find that coming to the end of treatment is not the end of their cancer experience. Many patients feel at their very lowest at this stage, when everyone else is thinking they should be happy ‘It’s all over’. This is often a time that counselling with someone who is familiar with the cancer trajectory can really make a difference. I have 14 years experience working with those affected by cancer, at every stage from diagnosis through and beyond treatment.

Those close to cancer patients also often find it really helpful to talk with a counsellor throughout the treatment of their loved one. You will want to be the best support you can be, and it is difficult to do that unless you too are getting good support yourself.